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 Campaign Info

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PostSubject: Campaign Info   Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:32 pm

Welcome to S.P.E.R.T.S., a encounter-heavy, comedic GURPS campaign.

Setting and Tone

S.P.E.R.T.S. stands for Supernatural Paranormal Extraterrestrial Response Team from Space. It is an elite unit that the United States government sends in when no one else can do the job. When a portal to hell opens, or evil aliens land, or a werewolf starts rampaging across the countryside, SPERTS gets sent in to take care of business.

The members of SPERTS are as varied as their foes. Some are human, others have strange origins. Many carry magical or futuristic weapons. Some could rightfully be described as monsters. But they all work for a common cause: the protection of humanity from even the knowledge of the constant threats that face them.

This campaign is intended to be an adventure comedy. It does not take itself seriously in the slightest. You may go from ensuring that Santa delivers his presents on time to clearing out a vampire coven. The campaign is also more or less on rails, with SPERTS' fearless leader Commander Griswold assigning missions and delivering the team via stealth dropship. Realism will be sacrificed in favor of big, goofy, nerdy fights.

This campaign is my first turn as a GURPS GM, and it is intended to stretch the limits of the GURPS 4e system.

I'm hoping to kick off the campaign in a week or two with five members. This is just a minicampaign which will only last a few months.

Building a S.P.E.R.T.S. Member

All rule sets and options are legal unless otherwise noted. If something is particularly odd, run it by me first. Your base Tech Level is TL8, but all TLs are available. If you want to use non-modern gear (like crossbows, revolvers, or magic staffs), talk to me and we can design magic properties for your stuff. Futuristic weapons are also available to SPERTS, running all the way to confiscated alien weapons from TL12.

The use of anything marked Cinematic is encouraged. You may use 250 CP, with up to 125 points of disadvantages.

Come up with a backstory for how you were recruited into the team. Inspiration for this campaign: F.E.A.R., Monsters vs Aliens, Hellboy, Men in Black.

Post below with questions, comments, RSVPs, and ideas.
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Campaign Info
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