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 PC - Dane Ulrag: No, not that kind of dragon

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PostSubject: PC - Dane Ulrag: No, not that kind of dragon   Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:23 am


Spoilering it so the DM can read it.


Name: Dane Ulrag
Race: Dragonborn

Attributes [110]
ST 13
DX 12
IQ 10
HT 14

Damage 1d-1/1d+2

Basic Speed 7
Basic Move 7

Air Move 14
Basic Lift 29
Fright Check 16
Ground Move 6
Hearing 10
Perception 10
Size Modifier 0
Taste/Smell 13
Tech Level 8
Touch 10
Vision 10
Water Move 1
Will 10

Advantages [137]
Acute Taste/Smell 3
Burning Attack 3 (Cone 3, Costs Fatigue 1, Limit 3 per day)
Claws (Sharp Claws)
Combat Reflexes
Damage Resistance 2
Extended Lifespan 2
Fearlessness 4
Flight (Winged)
High Pain Threshold
Night Vision 2
Teeth (Sharp Teeth)

Disadvantages [-86]
Bloodlust (12 or less)
Code of Honor (Dragonborn's Honor)
Cold-blooded 2
Noise 3
Social Stigma (Monster)

Skills [84]
Aerobatics 16
Disguise 10
Fast-Draw/TL7 (Ammo) 16
First-Aid/TL8 (Humanoid) 15
Flight 19
Guns/TL7 (Rifle) 16
Innate Attack (Breath) 15
Knife 13
Throwing 12

Spells [0]

Power Level: 256
Unspent Points: 0

Clothing: Ballistic Vest (DR 8/2), Ballistic Leggings (DR 12/5), Reinforced Boots (DR 5/2), Basic Clothing
Weapon: HK416 Carbine (AR15), 5x5.56mm magazine, Combat Knife, 2xConcussion Grenade, Silencer
Other: Personal Basics, Holographic Iconomorphic Disguise Emitter (HIDE)

HK416: Desc.: TL:8 LC:2 Damage:4d+2 pi Acc:4 Range:400/3000 RoF:15 Shots:30 ST:9† Bulk:-3 Rcl:2 Skill:Guns (Rifle)

Cheesy SPERTS Codename: Lance

User's Manual: Holographic Iconomorphic Disguise Emitter (HIDE)

Congratulations on the acquisition of your new HIDE! We are SPERTS manufacturing have worked hard to ensure that device meets our top-notch safety and quality standards. We hope you enjoy living with the people of Earth using your new disguise!

Section I. Specifications
Each HIDE is designed to accommodate the form of exactly one person: you. It will not properly disguise anyone else, only you. This is do to the complex vector programming required to cover your entire form [i]without[/i] distorting your environment or dosing you with a lethal level of lambda radiation! DO NOT GIVE YOUR DEVICE TO ANYONE ELSE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

Secondly, due to the nature of the power source for your HIDE, it cannot adequately cover non-human extremities such as wings or extra arms. To this end, we recommend you keep such additional and clearly highly evolutionally advanced body parts close to your torso to prevent excess flickering.

Thirdly, the device has a limited power supply capable of sustaining it for approximately six hours of continuous use. Additional power units are available on request, but know that you will need to turn to device off in order to use it.

Section II. Limitations
As we said before, you need to watch any additional limbs you may possess over the standard 2 arm, 2 legged human. Additionally, although the device is shielded against moderate electro-magnetic pulse, you will need to be careful during events such as thunderstorms or cosmic ray storms from space. These can disrupt the hologram, causing flickering. Be especially careful during trips through outer space, as you will likely have no shielding against abnormal radiation output.

Section III. Requirements
SPERTS requires that you use the device under the following circumstances:

i. Whenever you have even the slightest reason to believe you will be encountered civilians or unauthorized military personal during a mission.
ii. Anytime you are not on duty outside an authorized SPERTS non-human living space]
iii. Even if the above rules do not apply, if you expect to be encountering those who do not know of your existence on planet Earth, regulations strongly suggest that you utilize your HIDE

Penalties for violations are severe.

We hope you enjoy your new life on Planet Earth!

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PostSubject: Re: PC - Dane Ulrag: No, not that kind of dragon   Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:00 pm

The H.I.D.E costs $3000.
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PC - Dane Ulrag: No, not that kind of dragon
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