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 S.P.E.R.T.S. Special Discount

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Perving on your Dudes

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PostSubject: S.P.E.R.T.S. Special Discount   Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:01 am

Episode 1: We Don't Fear the Boogieman

These items are available for a limited time. Any supply you do not purchase will be marked up and sold to an asset group in Brazil.

X10 Special Encounters Crossbow $1100 $550

This synthetic folding crossbow was specially designed for S.P.E.R.T.S. agents. It is lighter, longer-ranged, and does more damage than your average hunting crossbow. It quietly delivers deadly bolts that can be augmented in many ways.

Skill required: Crossbow (Basic Set page 186)
Damage: thr+5 imp
Acc: 5
Range: 240/300
RoF: 1a
Shots: 1 (4)
Minimum ST: 7
Bulk: -5

Can be folded away into a foot-long tube, reducing Bulk to -2. Folding and unfolding takes 4 ready actions; that means going from folded to loaded takes a total of 8 seconds.

Accessories/Attachments Included

Laser Sight (+1 to hit enemies who can’t see the sight within 240 yards).
Bowstring Silencer (-2 to Hearing the bowstring twang)
4x ACOG Scope (+2 Acc, included in total above; illuminated reticle also cancels up to -2 penalties to aiming in darkness)


Bolts are $2 each. Package includes 12 bolts. Popular bolt enhancements (not included):

Cobra Venom: $10/bolt. A follow-up poison with a one minute delay and a HT-3 roll to resist. Inflicts 2d toxic damage, repeating at hourly intervals for six cycles. A victim who loses 1/3, 1/2, or 2/3 HP has -2, -4, or -6 DX, respectively.

Explosive: $20/bolt. 4d cr ex (2 yd) damage. Detonates on impact; must travel a safe distance of 10 yards before detonating. If it strikes a target before the minimum safe distance, it does thr imp damage.

Rapelling Line: $16/bolt. Trails 30 yards of thin steel cable. Rapelling kit included with your first rapelling bolt.

Armor-Piercing: $20/bolt. thr imp damage, armor divisor (2).

Note: You can buy as much ammo as you like in S.P.E.R.T.S. HQ and scrounge/improvise off the land, but you must always count it. Note and pay for any bolts/upgrades you load out before the mission begins.

GPS Reciever Wristwatch $150 $75

This stylish accessory gives +3 to Navigation (Air, Land, or Sea) while in line of sight with a sattelite. Displays exact time to within a few nanoseconds. Available in a variety men’s and women’s styles.

.357 SIG-Sauer P229 $1750 $875

This high-quality, double-action pistol is popular with law-enforcement agencies worldwide. It’s also widely used by armies and special-ops forces, including the U.S. Navy SEALs and British SAS. Although it’s more expensive than its competitors, it features exceptional reliability and good accuracy. The S.P.E.R.T.S package is built for stealth, with a powerful suppressor and slide-lock. Custom engraving on the grip, barrel, or supressor is included with your order.

Dmg 3d-2 pi, Acc 2, Range 160/1800, Wt. 2.4, RoF 3, Shots 12+1, ST 10, Bulk -2, Rcl 3.

Clips cost $27. This package includes 5 complimentary clips.

Accessories/Attachments Included

Detachable Wiper Supressor. Dmg reduced to 2d and Range reduced to 128/1440. -4 Hearing. -1 Bulk. Attaching/removing requires 3 Ready actions.
Slide-Lock: Gives -1 to Hearing, sets RoF to 1. Can be toggled with one Ready action.
Shoulder Holster: Gives -1 to Fast-Draw (Pistol), but is easy to conceal. Side pocket holds suppressor.


Reminder: Don't post here; post in the proper Episode thread.
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Perving on your Dudes

Posts : 395
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PostSubject: Re: S.P.E.R.T.S. Special Discount   Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:42 pm

Episode 2: Space Race from Space

Three-Point Lander $700 $350

An intrusive surgical operation enhances the bone structure of both legs, the spine, and an arm of your choice, distributing and dispersing shock evenly. After this upgrade, you will no longer take falling damage if you land on all 3 points simultaneously and remain still for 3 seconds (enough time for the kinetic buildup to dissapate).

Small print: You can still take damage from kinetic weapons or from falling on hazards, like spikes or lava, and you do not become stronger. Testing is inconclusive as to whether or not this enhancement can help someone withstand the infamous “giant compactor” scenario. There is a small chance that you will experience complications during surgery.

Martha Armaments

Brass reviewed the mission logs and was very disappointed with how travel impacted performance. They are convinced that future missions will require closer insertion, and they want your air transport to be able to provide close air support. Brass is fronting 80% of the cost of these upgrades, but you’ll still need to consider pooling your resources for this. At your discretion, these upgrades are available for your vehicle:

Minigun $20,000 $4,000

There’s nothing small about the GE M134 minigun. Capable of delivering 4000 rounds per minute on a target, this bad boy will shred anything that isn’t protected by thick armor.

Damage 7d pi, Acc 5, Range 1,000/4,200, EWt. 61/322, RoF 33!/66!, Shots 4,500(10), ST 20M, Bulk -7, Rcl 2

Rocket Pods $4200 $840

The M260 Hydra was desgned to fire FFAR rockets from army helicopters. It is an affordable explosive option for ground-attack aircraft like Martha. The Hydra mounts 7 rockets on hardpoints; you can add up to two to your vehicle.

Damage 7dx3 [3d+2] cr ex, Acc 2, Range 70/10,500, EWt 35/23, RoF 7, Shots 7(10i), ST 22M, Bulk -9, Rcl 1

Underbarrel Grenade Launcher $1500 $750

The brass wants a more reliable way to deliver explosives, following mixed results with a concussion grenade in the field. They’re offering the FN MK 13 MOD 0 EGLM 40x46mm SR grenade launcher. Capable of firing on its own or working as an underbarrel accessory, this piece of gear can deliver ordnance quickly and cleanly. Its unique loading mechanism allows the use of long warheads. Here are the stats for the standard HE loadout, guaranteed to make a mess or blow a hole in anything that’s bothering you:

Damage 7d(10) cr ex linked 6d [d2] cr ex, Acc 1, Range 30/440, Weight 3.5/0.5, Rof 1, Shots 1(3i), ST 9, Bulk -1 to weapon if used underbarrel, Rcl 2

Basic Kit $146 $73

Months of field testing by Delta team have resulted in a single compact kit containing all the items a S.P.E.R.T.S. team memeber is likely to need. These items are made available here at a significant discount. Original prices are noted; you can purchase the items individually for a 25% discount or get the whole thing half off. Unless otherwise noted, the Basic Kit will remain available to new S.P.E.R.T.S. recruits at this price.

Pocket Watch $50, neg.
Multi-Function Knife $25, neg.
Notebook, Pencil, and Chalk $2, 0.1lb.
Silver Cross Amulet $19, neg.
Waist Pack (Carries 10 lbs.) $10, 1 lb.
Flashlight $20, 1 lb.
2 Hand Flares $10, 2 lbs.
2 Sticks Dynamite With Time Fuse $10, 1 lb.

HK P12 $1100 $550

The other product of Delta team’s sacrifice is an official S.P.E.R.T.S. sidearm. The HK USP is respected for its reliability and accuracy, and is widely used by American law enforcement agencies. The version available here - the P12 - is rechambered for tactical use, with suppressor and .45 ACP rounds. It performs admirably with many kinds of anti-SPE ammunition; in one field test it brought down a mature werewolf with a single clip of silver bullets.

Brass wants all agents carrying firepower in future missions. They were not pleased to learn that Bravo team just went into a fight with nothing but swords and throwing knives. For that reason, this weapon will also remain available at this price to future recruits.

Dmg 2d pi+, Acc 2, Range 160/1800, Wt. 2.5/0.8, RoF 3, Shots 12+1(3), ST 10, Bulk -2, Rcl 3

Suppressor and 5 clips included

Note: these sales are only available for Alpha team; it’s up to the benevolent GM of the Bravo team campaign if they are made available there
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S.P.E.R.T.S. Special Discount
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