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 The Planeswalkers of Othrys

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PostSubject: The Planeswalkers of Othrys   Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:18 pm

Welcome! This is a new campaign idea I'm throwing around. It will be a play-by-post campaign, based on the FATE system. The idea is a one post a day (hopefully), laid back campaign for people to go hog wild with. Character limitations will be minimal. Here is the basic world set up:


The main power in the Multiverse is known only as the Pantheon. They are a race of highly advanced, highly obfuscated beings who are capable of creating life, albeit in a minimal form. Most technology the Planeswalkers use was designed by them, but they have a tendency to keep aloof from their creations. Their main planet is called Othrys, in the Prime Universe.

Your characters are part of the Planeswalkers of Othrys. This is a group of individuals each bearing the ability to pass through the Nether into alternate realities. They are tasked with identifying and neutralizing legion attempts to take over worlds.

The Burning Legion is an entity whose origins are shrouded in mystery. Their goal, however, is not. They exist to destroy and consume all living worlds in the Multiverse.

World Layout: Realms tend to fall into two categories: "Protected" worlds which have a much higher priority in the Othrys network, and Independent Realms that have no official affiliation, either because they are advanced enough to make their own decisions or they are simply too tenuous to maintain influence over. Protected are more commonly encountered in the campaign.

The space between worlds is referred as the Twisting Nether. It is the source of arcane energy, an extremely chaotic and destructive form of energy that can be manipulated by a person's will, if they are strong enough. Most worlds have only one inhabited planet. A major category of classification is "earthlike", meaning close to our reality but not quite identical. Examples include the Harry Potter universe or Twilight (rip).

Earth itself as we know it exists and thrives in the multiverse, but its status is unique. The Veil is so thick that no form of magic is currently known to exist on the planet, due to the difficulty of summoning arcane energy across said Veil. There is also no Titan's Gate on the planet, rendering travel to the planet virtually impossible. Fortunately, this rule also applies to the Legion... for now. Characters who wish to use Earth as their origin are valid, but you will need an interesting justification for how you reached Othrys in the first place.


The Planeswalker's use a device called the Titan's Gate, created by the Pantheon, to travel the cosmos. The network is seeded throughout the Multiverse, so most worlds possess a Gate. Typically, it exists in an underground cavern completely sealed off from the surface. The cavern is accessed via a series of teleporters on the surface (which look like a circle of stones similar to stonehenge), activated by a Keystone. The Keystone is a crystal that is issued to all Planeswalkers and is required to activate the teleporters and the Gate's control panel. Once you can access the Gate, it is simply a matter of entering a destination address and firing away. A non-Planeswalker who attempts to enter the Gate will be ripped apart at the atomic level due to the chaotic nature of the energy of the Nether. None but the Pantheon really understand why this is the case. When a Planeswalker dies, his Keystone goes dormant. Usually an attempt is made to recover the lost technology, but sometimes things go missing...

Magic is simply the use of the energy of the Twisting Nether to effect a person's will. Various ways exist to summon and manipulate such energy. Some worlds have easy access to it, others have to work harder. The Veil is a mysterious force that stands between the Nether and each dimension. Typically the strength of the Veil also defines a world's access to magic. Titan's Gate technology tunnels through the Veil to access a world, involving minimal damage. Other methods tend to scar the Veil and may shatter it completely (see Outlands, from the World of Warcraft Universe). Such worlds are ripe for Legion invasion and usually don't last very long before being devoured.

When creating a magic-using character, try to outline how magic is manipulated in his home world. For instance, in the Harry Potter universe magic use is accomplished via catalysts (wands) and worded-spells. The Veil is thick enough that direct energy manipulation by will alone is not possible, but with the aid of some magically-attuned items, it is still possible to cast simple spells. Contrast that with the Eragon universe, wherein magic is simply the directing of energy via words as an intermediary. Try to relate these rules to the above paragraph, although there is no need to go into detail. How thick is the Veil in YOUR homeworld?


The player characters are Planeswalkers of Othrys, tasked with defending realms from Legion influence. In most worlds, the Veil is too strong for a direct Legion invasion, so the bad guys tend to try to undermine it from within or construct a portal through which they can invade. Since they can't pass directly through (demons cannot access the Titan's Gate network), their methods are more subtle. Manipulation, whispers, even outright demon possession are all valid tactics. Socerors and other magic users are often the targets, as they are the ones who can summon the required portal.

Planeswalkers exist to find and stop this corruption before it consumes the dimension. In the process, they get a chance to explore and interact with worlds while maintaining the secrecy of their true identity.

Creating your character: Using standard FATE rules , make a PC from any universe/world/book/game you want. I'm not placing any limitations here, unless I literally can't fit it into the gameworld by some bizarre twist of fate (heh). You only need the phase one information for the time being. Make sure to explain how you character came to Othrys and joined the Planeswalkers. Maybe they were recruited by some high ranking Planeswalker? Did he seek them out or did your character randomly stubmle upon them? Perhaps you were a dimension hopper already, and just happened on the capital of the Planeswalkers. Or maybe you were drawn from your home dimension and rescued by someone. The choice is yours, but it needs to be present!


Post a unique thread in this forum describing your character's basics. Make sure you specify your characters high concept and trouble, with a name. No other FATE-specific details are required yet. Go hog wild!
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The Planeswalkers of Othrys
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