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 Sample: PC - Cassie Caine

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PostSubject: Sample: PC - Cassie Caine   Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:35 pm

Shamelessly stolen from something awful dot com. This is kinda what your initial character sheet should look like.

Cassie "Sugar" Caine

Before she was signed up for Sigma, Cassie worked for another three letter agency of Uncle Sam although precisely which one seems to vary depending on who she happens to be talking to. The only people who know for sure are the superiors who've actually bothered to read her TOP SECRET file. What is known about her is that she plied her trade on the streets of DC and ended up in Sigma after a botched job left a body-count of assorted foreign spies that reached double digits. It certainly solved the problem of Uncle Sam's missing secrets but the chaos she left behind brought in the unwelcome attention of the media and turned into a public relations nightmare. Ordered by her irate superiors to drop out of sight and not expect any more work for a very long time. The last thing she expected in her enforced vacation was Sigma's black bag over the head and waking up in a sterile interrogation room "recruitment". [WIP]


High Concept: Agent Who doesn't play by the Rules.
Trouble: Sassing the Boss
Phase 1: Agent for a 3 letter Agency.

Drive :+
Shoot :++++
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Sample: PC - Cassie Caine
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