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 The Council of Thieves

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PostSubject: The Council of Thieves   Tue Jan 05, 2016 5:23 pm

If you're reading this you probably already what this is. I'm planning to reboot our previous Pathfinder CoT campaign into D&D 4e.

Character creation:
- 22 point buy for ability scores
- Only races in the Player's Guidebook for this campaign (see david's thread) are allowed at face value, but other, non-monster races can be justified if you can make a decent RP for them
- You're character must have some reason to dislike the current Westcrown government. They don't have to be an anarchist, but they can't be your typical law-abiding citizen either.

To emphasize, I do need a good backstory for your character. The 4e conversion does away with the "easy to mix" campaign traits so I will need a way to shove you into the story. Trust me, you'll have more fun the better job you do.

Likely cast:
???? the Dwarf Monk, with his elaborate and detailed backstory (To be confirmed)
???? the Human Fighter, who hails from Boringville (To be confirmed)
???? the Halfling Chaos Sorcerer (wat), he doesn't have the disposition of a dwarf
???? the Half-elf Sorcerer or Wizard (4e conversion?) (To be confirmed)
???? David's character, god help us all

Post your characters in this thread please.
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PostSubject: Re: The Council of Thieves   Tue Jan 05, 2016 6:06 pm

[Tentative, might change depending on team comp, yeah i munchkin so what]
Meet Davian Thule (no i didn't lift the name from warhammer stop asking)

Protection, Nobility, Justice, Valor. These are supposed to be what a man strives for. This is what Davian strives for. Yet when he looks around, he is saddened by the fact he is surrounded by Diabolists, Tieflings, and thugs. Westcrownis know him as the thrice winner of the Great Westpool Bar Brawl, and a local blacksmith. What they seldom know is that whenever a child is being saved from shadow beasts at night, there's a good chance Davian did it. Yet he is but one man, he can't save every one.
God help us all.

char. sheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-9osj2WLqu7Z2VwWGUwekhnS0E/view?usp=sharing

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PostSubject: Re: The Council of Thieves   Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:11 pm

Meet Lindal, a Lawful Good Halfling Chaos Sorcerer. Yes, I just put all those words together.

Character sheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6V_ENrUAvUaRUIzZmd2SzFhbnM/view


They called themselves the Redeemers. The ones who went into the dark and chaotic places and turned them to the good. Some believed in a balance between light and dark. The Redeemers believed that even the darkness could be illuminated. They practiced dark arts: black magic, necromancy, chaos sorcery. Each Redeemer studied ways to turn these dark practices toward good. Though there were never more than two dozen at a time, they often found ways to work great deeds for their fellow mortals.

They found the Halfling child wandering alone on the docks one day with nothing but the clothes on his back. They surmised that he had been abandoned by his family. Each day they led him back to the docks, but no one ever claimed him. Eventually they stopped taking him. They called him Lindal. In adopting him, they redeemed his abandonment.

Lindal's irrepressible cheerfulness of spirit endeared him to the redeemers, many of whom had seen great evil both out in the wilds and within the heart of civilization. He was naturally drawn to chaos magic. He loved that it was different each day. He learned to see the beauty in perfect disorder.

When he was 14, Lindal and his mentor, a human sorcerer named Rowanix, found a strange set of stairs leading down into the sewers. The stairs were carved with mysterious markings and the sewers themselves seemed lit with a pink light. They took a small white gem they found in the wall to show to the other Redeemers.

The next day, as Rowanix and Lindal followed their custom of arising to meet the sunrise, Saria Roccin burst into the house with a small band of dottari. Rowanix surrendered without resistance. They dragged him out onto the balcony and beheaded him, then left, taking only the jewel they had found - and sparing Lindal.

Many thought that after witnessing that trauma, Lindal's sunny disposition would darken. But if anything, it only grew cheerier. He spoke often of the joy of being alive for just one more day.

Years passed, and Lindal became proficient as a chaos sorcerer. He would sometimes go whole days with a blindfold, shouting goodwill to passersby, embracing the randomness of his time.

One day, when Lindal returned from one such errand, he discovered that the main Redeemer house was empty. He searched the outlying buildings. All empty. The Redeemers had vanished as if they had never existed. They clothes and possessions were gone, too. All Lindal could find was a torn and burnt strip of cloth behind one of the doors. It was the banner of the dottari.

Confused and disappointed, but still bursting with optimism for the new day, Lindal picked up his staff and wandered out into the street.
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PostSubject: Re: The Council of Thieves   Thu Jan 07, 2016 3:14 pm

Meet Lock Kehyus, the Good Half-elf Cleric.


Lock was not raised in Westcrown yet throughout his life, he has always felt that he needed to go there.  Due to being dropped off at a church of Pelor outside the city of Westcrown and being raised and mentored by the clerics there, Lock has absolutely no idea about his heritage other than he is half of an elf and half something else, most likely human.  What perplexes him the most are the strange markings, almost like tattoos, he has across his entire back as well as part of his face and ears.  He has never found an answer to why the markings are there and he believes that his heritage and body marks are connected in some way.

One day at the church of Pelor changed Lock's life and set him on a course to truly find out who he is and where he came from.  He got word of some questionable things happening in Westcrown.  As if it was Pelor's guidance itself, Lock believed that Westcrown might hold answers buried deep within its corruption.  Armed with a Holy Symbol of Pelor, Lock gathered his belongings and set off to find out who he truly is, though he is not opposed to bringing down a corrupt city like Westcrown in Pelor's name in the mean time.
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PostSubject: Re: The Council of Thieves   

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The Council of Thieves
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