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 Safe review

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PostSubject: Safe review   Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:35 pm

Safe to say, this movie only worth the ticket price of early bird showings, which is sad, since Jason Statham is one of my favorite actors.
Being a "Jason Statham as Jason Statham in Jason Statham" movie, it is almost granted that the plot is next to non-existent, and characters don't develop. As far as foreign language speakers go, the friggin TV speaks better mandarin than 99% of the Asian casts, although the subtitle helps, a lot.
On the other hand, since this is a "Jason Statham as Jason Statham in Jason Statham" movie, you get to see Jason Statham kick ass once more. Only this time, his character kills, which doesn't happen often before. Also this is probably the first time I see him doing a suplex.
3 out of 5 from David.
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Safe review
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