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 PC Concept - Soren of the Northern Water Tribe

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PostSubject: PC Concept - Soren of the Northern Water Tribe   Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:14 am

Known Backstory

Soren was born in the northern water tribe. Born to a mixed family, his father was a waterbender of some repute named Yakamo. Yakamo met his wife Dei in the city of Ba Sing Se during a trading expedition. Their marriage was peaceful by all accounts, and their son Soren grew to become a talented waterbender.

All of that changed with the arriveal with the arrival of a mysterious stranger named Hakar. Convinced by his oddly power hungry mother to join this man on his travels, Soren departed from the water tribe and was not seen again for some years until he arrived in Omashu. His entire demeanor had taken a drastic change. Soren never spoke of what happened during his years of travel, instead choosing to offer his services as a healer to the citizens of Omashu. He had a strange talent for the art, beyond even what most waterbending healers were capable of. He never shared the secrets of his trade to anyone.

It was thus that Soren was offered a more permanent job as the healer for the Kijing Academy. And his first day is today.
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PC Concept - Soren of the Northern Water Tribe
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