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 PC - Alder Says

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PostSubject: PC - Alder Says   Mon Aug 27, 2012 2:47 pm

Alder Says

Alder Says needed only a rumor about undead to sell all he owned and travel to investigate. Everyone he loved was killed by undead, including his young wife. Now he seeks one thing: revenge.

Name: Alder Says
Race: Human

Attributes [69]
ST 10
DX 10
IQ 13
HT 10

Damage 1d-2/1d

Basic Speed 5
Basic Move 5

Basic Lift 20
Fright Check 0
Ground Move 5
Hearing 13
Perception 13
Size Modifier 0
Taste/Smell 13
Tech Level 3
Touch 13
Vision 13
Water Move 1
Will 13

Advantages [95]
Magery (4)
Mind Probe
Mind Reading

Disadvantages [-60]
Bloodlust (12 or less)
Frightens Animals
No Sense of Humor
Overconfidence (12 or less)

Quirks [-1]
Alcohol Intolerance

Skills [12]
Staff 13

Spells [40]
Clumsiness 15
Counterspell 18
Deathtouch 18
Itch 15
Lend Energy 15
Lend Vitality 15
Magelock 18
Major Healing 17
Minor Healing 15
Paralyze Limb 15
Spasm 15
Wither Limb 15

Power Level: 155
Unspent Points: 1

Clothing: Cloth Gloves, Fur Loincloth, Fur Tunic, Leather Cap, Leather Leggings, Shoes (grants 1 DR all over)
Weapon: Quarterstaff
Other: Personal Basics, 20 yards of rope
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PC - Alder Says
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